Haupert Has Earned A Reputation For:

  • Executive Management for Organizations in Transition: Each of Haupert’s executive and board leadership positions since 1974 has been with organizations experiencing significant growth in budget and personnel; more recently, as a consultant, he has led organizations to “right size” and reduce costs in order to retain a focus on mission;
  • Hands On Management which is characterized by familiarity with all aspects of nonprofit operations, so as to become a resource and colleague to his direct reports while maintaining appropriate authoritative distance to ensure accountability;
  • Board Development Expertise that has enabled boards to organize and formalize their cultivation, training, tracking and accountability processes;
  • Fund Development Expertise including taking a lead role in grant writing for government and private institutional funders, while ensuring the development and maturation of organizational infrastructure that can be described in ways compatible with the interests of the potential funder;
  • Issue Advocacy that has been honed through direct involvement at the federal, state, county and local levels of government, including the developing of legislative language;
  • The appropriate integration of technological advances into the business operations of community benefit organizations. Not all “advances” will be worth your time, and you need an organizational expert who knows technology rather than a technology person who works in organizations .

NOTE: I am presently offering my consulting services primarily through Third Sector Company and SST Nonprofit Services. Please click on the links to learn more about these fine organizations.